Sunday, December 20, 2009

Energy - A hot commodity for people with RA

It comes, and it goes, but it's always on my mind - exactly how much energy do I have today? I think most people in my life would agree - I'm a bit of a doer. I love checking things off my list and getting through lots of errands, cooking and house-stuff. But each activity takes energy, so I have to budget the estimated amount of energy I have vs. how much energy I think I have. Sometimes it works out, and I have some energy leftover at the end of the day, and other times - not so much. I am tired and exhausted long before bedtime, so I push through the remainder of the day silently cursing myself.

I know I need to slow down. I forget that the measure of "how was your day" is not "what/how much did you do today". I could have a super day and do absolutely nothing on my to-do list. I could just play with the kids and it could be the best day ever.

Given my current flare, I am taking a harder look at what I have to do today versus what I would like to get done. I simply don't have the energy that I used to (and would like to have), but I'm not one to sit around and turn off my inner monologue of everything that still needs to be done. I'm slowly realizing that there is nothing wrong with life in the slow(er) lane. But it's a work in progress for me - and I find myself (especially around the holiday season) reverting back to my roots. I need to add a permanent item to my "To-do" list to take a break and slow down. Perhaps then I'll do it.

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