Saturday, November 18, 2017

Feeling a little lesser

It's hard to describe that slow slide into old habits. You just start behaving differently and within a few days, a week, a couple of weeks, it's the new normal. Only after some pause and reflection that you realize this is not how your life was a month or two ago.

I was back at Module "O" at the General Hospital here in Ottawa yesterday. I reluctantly made the appointment to see my shoulder surgeon, and trudged off at the appointed time this afternoon. In making and attending this appointment, it was an acknowledgement that the pain in my shoulder was a) real, b) substantial enough to do something about, and c) something I need help with. 

I really like my surgeon. We have a good relationship, as well we might after nine surgeries together. We had a good discussion about how long this has been going on (6-7 weeks), what kind of pain is it (throbbing, sandpaper-y), when am I experiencing pain (it seems to be escalating, as in it is starting to become more prominent earlier in the day and sticks around until bedtime), what I've been doing (mostly pain meds and less activity) and what do to next (here comes the crappy part).

Neither of us is super keen to open up my joint. For those of you just joining my blog, I've had two infections on past shoulder surgeries and I'm not keep to open up my joint to the possibility of another one. My x-rays showed the hardware looks good, and seems to be solidly in place. Given I've only had pain for the past 6-7 weeks, a wait-and-see approach is not a bad option. I'm on pain meds daily - the variety, frequency and quantity change daily. I have some good days, and some bad days. No real causation that I can determine between my good days and bad days, my activity and my meds. 

The downside of wait-and-see is that I'm in pain, daily. I will see him again in mid-January to see how things are going. 

I'm trying very hard not to panic. I'm trying to wait and see what happens. I'm trying. But the possibility of more shoulder issues, and the slim chance of another surgery is devastating. And I've had more than a few tears this week as I try and look to the future and see where all of this is heading. 

I have - however - started to drive more one handed as my right shoulder is sore. I've started to favour my left arm. I'm exhausted from the pain, so I've started to lie down when I get home from work. I'm just doing less, and feeling lesser. Normally I can pull off being "normal". That seems to be harder to do these days, and I'm less interested in trying. It just takes too much damn effort.

The National is one of my favourite bands. They have a new album out and a tour all over North America, hitting Montreal in December and I'll be going. Empire Line is one of the new songs, and the hypnotic beat and repetitive chorus reminds me to keep my chin up, I'm sure I can find a way.


Lynn said...

Just dropping in to say I'm so sorry to hear of your renewed struggles, and happy to see you are blogging them out again. The National is such a lovely band - enjoy the concert and hope the wait-and-see works out with a happy ending.

Rick said...

I am sorry to hear about the shoulder. Recently my shoulder has been hurting as well. I will be interested in how things progress. But until your next update I wish you the very best.

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