Friday, February 22, 2013


In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit. 
Albert Schweitzer
I've been reflecting on friendships and relationship lately. Who are your friends? Why are they your friends? What is the basis of your relationship? How do you categorize your friendships? How many best friends do you have? Close friends? Acquaintances? Who can you call at 3:00 am? Who rekindles your inner spirit?

Through the ups and downs of life with RA, it's the equitable support of friends and family that has helped me navigate the emotional roller coaster that RA can dish out. I don't have any family close by, and I rely on friends for support and care - they've taken on a pseudo-family role in my life. 

I'm grateful for all the friends who have brought joy, laughter, love, empathy, sympathy, insight, secrets, kindness, debate, good food, opinions, trust, support and scotch to me. Thank you.

Friends are the ones who agree that going downhill at an 8 degree decline on cross country skiis is terrifying, but agree to do it with you anyways.

Friends are the ones who offer to go to with you to your 8 week ultrasound when you think you're having a miscarriage.

Friends are the ones who mentor you, guide you and act like the big sister you never had.

Friends put on your socks and tie your shoes or put on your coat after you've had a shoulder replacement, and can't use the very necessary second arm to accomplish these tasks. 

Friends are the ones who endure hard-ass bosses and live to tell the tale and laugh about it for years to come.

Friends are the ones who ask "how are you" and are genuinely interested in the answer - like really interested.

Friends are can be found in drinking buddies from work - people you spend more time with than your family some weeks.

Friends are those who you find rest in their company - it's just easy. You can be silly, serious or scared and you are accepted all the same.

I recently had a fantastically off-key and very loud sing-a-long to Oasis' Wonderwall while driving with one of my friends. I'm still laughing at how horrific the singing was, and will remember with a smile every time I hear the song. "Wonderwall" could be interpreted as a love song, but I see it as a song of support and friendship - and sometimes our inability to express love to our friends and gratitude for having them in our lives. So, um, thank you.


adrienne said...

Treasure those friendships! Nurture them. They are few and far between and harder to come by as you get older.

Anonymous said...

The term "Soul Sisters" comes to mind! Thank you for lighting a fire in my inner spirit, Megan. Love you! xoxo