Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I'm alive. The surgery went well, and I am the proud new owner of a resurfaced shoulder. From an Orthopedic perspective, it went very well. From an Anesthesia  perspective, it couldn't have gone worse. OK, check that, I guess that I could have woken up during the procedure but other than that it was an absolute failure.

My nerve block didn't work at all. At all. So I  woke up in recovery in excruciating pain. Anyone who has been in the hospital for an extended period of time will laugh when I say my pain was a 12 on 10. Seriously, it was the worst pain of my life thus far. And it took several hours for it to be under control. It's hard to chase pain and get on top of it.

To top off my experience, the nursing staff was not very kind. I was upset and didn't understand why my nerve block didn't work, and the comment I was given was "Would you rather have your surgery delayed?". As if that was the only choice. Surgery now and no nerve block. I shudder to think that is how some people relate to others. I am younger and stronger than most of the patients through the recovery room - other less strong and strong-willed would have actually bought that line.

I had asked for a nerve block with a pump and catheter. In the end I had a needle that missed the mark and didn't provide any pain relief whatsoever. Clearly my expectations were not met. But after one horrible day, I was feeling better and on a morphine pump. Five days later, I was on Extra-strength Tylenol and a Percacet at night. Not bad. Now, I'm on nothing.

I listened to my iPod at nights to drown out the noise in the hospital. It was my Dance/Rap mix - Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, eminem, Lady Gaga, Brittney. It was mostly upbeat noise that was better than the hospital sounds. I can't bring myself to link Nicki Minaj in this blog so I'll go Martin Solveig featuring Dragonette and Hello. A happy song about nothing. Just what the doctor ordered.

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kim said...

glad you survived the big surgery, and so sorry you had to endure that kind of pain-I'd say you've earned some serious pain free time!
thanks for the songs notes, music is one of my best coping tools for this beastly RA- as it must be for many of us-enjoy the end of the year-