Sunday, November 15, 2009

Motherhood & RA

I have 2 beautiful, healthy and happy kids - who have a lot of questions. Patrick is 4.5 and very observant and starting to ask questions.

What is that box in the fridge for mommy? (that would be my Enbrel).

What does that thing on your wrist do? (that would be my wrist splint from a recent flare).

Do you still have an owie on your shoulder? Can I kiss it better? (that would be my 5 inch scar on my left shoulder from my total shoulder replacement in May.)

Why are you so tired mommy, do you need a nap? (that one could be asked daily)

While they are too young now, what do I tell them about mommy’s ongoing "owie"? How would they ever understand? I’m not sure I understand. I can just hear Patrick’s inevitable question “Why?” - taken to the nth degree as only 4 year old can. For now, I'm sticking with the basics of mommy needs some extra medication to help her. I think that is enough, for now.

I worry, though, about the future. How will my RA progress? What will/won't I be able to do? Will I be able to dance at Patrick's wedding? And worst of all - every parent's nightmare - will they also get (J)RA?

I know consciously I need to focus on the here and now, and not live in the future. But my sub conscious has a mind of its own, and still, I worry ...


RA Guy said...

Meghan, thank you for sharing your blog with me - and welcome to the RA blogosphere which continues to grow by leaps and bounds!

I have the upmost respect for superheroes like you, who balance being a parent and living with RA. I can only imagine how hard it must be at times, but you and others inspire me to be a parent myself one day.

Looking forward to more of your great writing!

lnicole said...

I found your blog tonight via your profile on the RA Guy's blog and you are someone I can really relate to! I have recently been dx with Behcet's disease but my rheumy thinks it is RA that I have and I have just begun treatment in the last few months. I would love your advice on shoulder pain and what symptoms felt like for you & how you coped. I have joint paint in all the typical areas .with my feet & shoulders being the worse areas. I'm getting at wits end with the pain/discomfort and lack of sleep because of it. My email is if you don't mind sharing any info. The heating pad has been my sidekick!
Thanks, Lisa