Thursday, February 10, 2011

Inquiring Minds

I ran into one of my first challenges with in explaining my state of my (lack of) health to my almost 6 year old son. I was sore today, attributed to nothing specific, and I was short-tempered. Patrick was climbing all over me - he was happy to see me - and I asked him to stop. And I told him I was sore. The word flew out of my mouth before I could think about it or take it back. I have never said that to him before. He may be young but he had this look of understanding in his eyes. Like he knew something wasn't quite right. He's an intuitive little guy.

The conversation moved on, but I'm still stuck in that moment of what would have been a better answer? What do I tell him, and when? I've seen book for kids about kids with JRA which explains why they are different and how to help them - but has anyone seen one on how to explain to your child that you have RA?

I want to provide the right answers at the right time. My right shoulder will need replacing soon enough (the left one was replaced almost 2 years ago) and I know that he will have more questions. It's just hard to find the right answers when I don't even know them...


WarmSocks said...

I don't know what the answer is. I don't think I've explained a lot to my kids. Maybe Wren could write a children's book?

BUT... I think the goal of treatment is remission. You're obviously not there, so I hope your rheumy is still tweaking your treatment plan.

Anonymous said...

I assume your little one has fallen, scraped a knee, bumped his head?? Try explaining it simply.. do you remember when you tripped? And you head hurt you and it made you cry? Mommy is like that some days....etc

Don't over complicate it but be direct. Softening it up for him won't help in the future. You might be surprised as he may step up and help you when you are sore. Maybe offer to play a simple board game or card game with him.

Just give him extra hugs and he will know!!