Wednesday, February 14, 2018

It's just a little surgery

Is any surgery a "little" surgery? Is it fair to say it's "just" day surgery? Have my expectations for what a "real" is surgery risen so high that my upcoming surgery will escape my notice?

No. No and No.

There are no little surgeries. Each surgery is an event unto itself with various emotions, pain, problems and potential outcomes. While my surgery on February 14th is a day surgery, I feel the weight of it, in particular as the date draws nearer. I'm moving into familiar pre-surgery emotions and routines. I'm sleeping poorly, I'm stressed, I'm trying to tie off everything at work, I'm emotional, I'm sad and I'm feeling pretty fragile overall.

In the past couple of weeks my pain has increased to a point where pain meds are starting at 10 am not mid-late afternoon and there are multiple doses in a day. I'm woken up by pain in my shoulder and I think I can feel the joint may be slightly warmer than the surrounding area. All this to say, I'm mentally preparing myself for there to be an infection, even though this is possibly the worst outcome.

I’ve been listening to some of my favourite music from the 90s lately; it’s a source of comfort.  Specifically, I’m back to listening to a long-standing Canadian rock band 54-40. They put out an album in 2016 of their greatest hits re-imagined. I love it.  In particular, their newest version of “Lies to me”.  The lyrics open with “What is wrong with me, am I supposed to be happy all the time?” That is a good summary of my current state.


Lynn said...

Thinking of you today Megan - hope the surgery goes well and has a good outcome. Also: totally going to track down that 54-40 remakes album - sounds fantastic!

Rick Phillips said...

You are not kidding there is no little surgery. I myself had a brush with day surgery in December. My blog about the aftermath of the surgery is a tad gruesome but you can go over and read it, but do not say I didn't tell you not to do it.

Now as for your blog, was there music in the 1990"s? Are you sure the late 60's and early 70's was the last time music was made? Well Maybe, I think I heard my sons talk about it some. LOL

I hope you do better soon. I am truly sorry you are having this issue.

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Logintohealth said...

Thanks for sharing your story. Hope the surgery went well and you are fine now.
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